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WestStreet Liquor Company Packages

Looking for variety in your spirits cabinet? Or are you preparing for a celebration and need a package perfect for the occasion? Simply pick up your smartphone (or computer) and search for WestStreet Liquor Company. Go to the Specials tab at the top of the page and let the system guide you through all the exclusive deals brought to you by Aruba Trading Company.

Simply place your order and have it delivered at your doorstep.

1) Coco-Banana Package

Priced at just AFL40, this attractive package consists of the banana-flavored Pisang Liqueur (75cl) and the Ron Tropical Coconut Rum(70cl). Both are ideal for tropical cocktails. Banana is the main constituent of the bright-green Pisang Liqueur with a touch of exotic fruit & herbs.

Ron Tropical Coconut is a tropical-style coconut flavored rum. The coconut-flavor ensures that it is a hit among both cocktail-lovers and those who prefer to enjoy rum on the rocks.

2) E Fasilito

A package truly made for fans of spicy Caribbean cocktails. Want to make lip-smacking drinks on-the-fly? Try easy mixes. With this purchase, you will be getting 3 liquor bottles. First, a 100 cl bottle of Easy Mix Aruba Ariba. Next, you will be receiving a bottle(35cl) of Easy Mix Sex on the Beach(35cl). Last but not the least, a 35 cl bottle of Easy Mix Long Island Iced Tea. Just add juice and you have your perfect cocktail ready!

All for just AFL 45.00.

3) Fiesta Package

You need meticulous planning for a huge social gathering. Thankfully, we have got the liquor section covered with this epic package. Easily serve groups of up to 40 persons with the Fiesta package without burning a severe hole in your pocket. The Fiesta package consists of three 1-liter bottles of Ron Tropical (Silver, Coconut, and Spiced). It also consists of 5 bottles of Morrison Whisky (three 1-liter Black Label, two 70-cl bottles of Blue Label), in addition to a 1-liter bottle of Tropicoff Vodka with your preferred flavor choice. The list continues with two 75cl bottles- one each of Amaretto Di Lombardo and Tres Leche Ponche Crema. To top it off the package also includes a 35cl bottle of Pisang Liqueur. The entire package costs only AFL 275.00

4) Infused Orange

Love oranges to a point that you can’t miss them even in your drinks? Enjoy a bottle of Aruba’s finest Gran Castillo L’Orange Brandy. WestStreet Liquor Company also throws in the famous Ron Tropical Spiced Rum- at a jaw-droopingly low price of AFL 45.00.

5) Mr. Whisky Package

World renowned Scotch Blended Whisky carefully crafted for a superbly balanced and smooth flavor to please the most discerning palate. Order through Aruba Trading Company and get an attractive combo; two 70 cl bottles at just AFL 50.00.

If you are wondering, you will be receiving both the Blue Label and the Black Label variants of Morrison whisky.

6)  Pachanga Package

Ideal for large occasions, the Pachanga Package by WestStreet Liquor Company can serve up to 100 persons. On purchasing this package, you will be receiving two 1-L bottles of Ron Tropical Silver, Coconut, and Spiced flavor

In addition, 1-L bottles of Morrison Black Label and three 70-cl bottles of Morrison Blue label. The list also includes two 1-L bottles of Tropicoff Vodka- with an option to choose your preferred flavor, along with two bottles Amaretto Di Lombardo (75 cl each). The Pachanga Package finishes off with a bottle of Pisang Liqueur and Tres Leche Ponche crema. The price? Just AFL 625.00

7) Perfect Trio

A perfect introduction to the our liqueurs made in Aruba. Enjoy the refreshing take on Caribbean flavored rums with the Ron Tropical coconut and spiced, along with a bottle of Morrison Black Label whisky. The price is AFL 55.00

8) Sweet Palate

The Sweet Palate package consists of a bottle of Pisang Liqueur (35 cl), a 75-cl bottle of Amaretto di Lombardo and a bottle of Ron Tropical Coconut (70 cl). This deal is priced at AFL 50.00

9) The Arubian

The final package contains a perfect Aruban trio: one 75-cl bottle Tres Leche Ponche Crema, one 75cl bottle Amaretto Di Lombardo and WestStreet Liquor Company also throws in a bottle of Coecoei 70-cl. All the above showstoppers are affordably priced at AFL 50.00.


The WestStreet Liquor plant was started by the Aruba Trading Company- a household name in the liquor business of Aruba. Launched in 1986, the plant benefitted from years of liquor-trade experience- eventually starting a line of liquor brands manufactured and bottled in Aruba.

Placing an order

Dial 582-3950 to place an order at Aruba Trading Company. Or visit the online order part of our website and look for the Specials tab.

Why Order Online?

The Aruba Trading Company is your best online booking option for alcoholic beverages in Aruba. Simply go to the site, go through the available options, select the quantity, click on the “Complete Order” option, and checkout. Fill up the details, pay, and wait for the doorbell. Any purchase above AWG150 makes your order eligible for free delivery. The minimum booking order amount for home delivery is AWG50.

Additional information

We offer same day delivery if the order is placed before 11 am. Otherwise delivery is done the next day. Do keep in mind that deliveries are not made on weekends.

You can also collect your order at Aruba Trading Company. Just mention “PICK UP” in the additional comment section during an order.

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